Petrovector Group

is a private group of companies united by a single strategy and vision. We work with partners from Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Malaysia. Our customers operate in marine bunkering industry, power generation, automotive industry, printing and trade.

Our top priorities are:


2010 – first oil trading operations on Russian market.
2011 – Petrovector joined St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX) – the biggest Russian commodities exchange.
2012 – entered commodity markets of Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.
2014 – first venture investment in new technologies – high-end UV printing.
2014 – finished construction of first warehouse in Russia.
2015 – invested in Nusajaya Tech Park, Iskandar, Malaysia. A tech-park by JV between Ascendas and UEM Enterprise.


Oil trading

Petrovector CJSC operates on the Russian oil products market. We work with both major and small oil refineries, deliver bunkering fuel oil and gasoil to bunkering companies of the Baltic and the Black seas, work with independent gas stations. Petrovector has extensive experience in supplying more than 25 oil products, and a good record of cooperating with regional energy generating companies. Since 2011 Petrovector CJSC is a member of SPIMEX – the biggest Russian commodities exchange.



Petrovector Group provides consultancy to small refineries and oil product consumers on optimizing trade operations and logistics, supplier qualification and hedging risks. We use our knowledge and leverage our connections in the market to deliver the best advise and solution possible.


Warehousing and logistics

Group operates a warehouse in Moscow region, Russia, and a factory in Nusajaya Tech Park, Iskandar, Malaysia, with total built-up area of 80,000 sqf. We provide services of unheated storage and have experience in build-to-suit storage projects.


Financing and investing

Our Group offers long-term and short-term financial instruments for businesses to support current operations and investment in fixed assets.

We aim to be on the cutting edge of the technological development. The Group invests into enterprises which use hi-tech solutions in:


Our partners


Tranzit DV Group


Law Firm LLC


Sun Studio premium

Daewoo International Corporation





Charity and sponsorship

We beleive that all we do has not only business, but also a human dimension. We have an ongoing long-term relationship with Golfing with heart foundation in Russia, which organizes aid for children who need special heart treatment.

Petrovector Group is sponsoring RedLava Team - the first russian-speaking triathlon team.


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